A Milkboy Morning

Do you have moments when a simple cup of coffee feels like a luxury? I’m there right now. With all the things I’m juggling at the moment—a recent promotion at work, graduate school, my husband and family—a nice cup of coffee that I don’t have to gulp down between meetings is an indulgence these days.

My brother and I are both so busy right now that we’ve started meeting once a week at the only time of the day when we can steal some time to visit: breakfast. This morning, our breakfast date was at Milkboy Coffee at 7:15 a.m. As we move farther into fall, I’m leaving when it’s still dark out to meet him, like I did as I walked through Ardmore this morning.

A dark morning in Ardmore on Wynnewood Ave.

As I made my way to Milkboy through the overcast morning, the sun started to light up the sky.

Saint Paul’s Cemetery in Ardmore as day breaks

I had a lovely hour visiting with Kevin, sipping delicious coffee, and nibbling on a buttery croissant. It was a great way to start what will be a hectic day!

A Milkboy Morning with My Brother

What’s your favorite way to start the day? Leave a comment and let Around Ardmore readers know!

About Meagan

I'm a long-time Ardmore, PA resident, and I love my home town!
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1 Response to A Milkboy Morning

  1. Hardmore says:

    sounds like a great morning!

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